Monday, December 11, 2006

Cupcake Proliferation

If ever there were two words that one would not expect to find seriously intertwined, surely these two would rank high on any list, provided those doing the listing had sufficient imagination to conceive the idea in the first place (a highly dubious prospect).

The deadly serious problem of cupcake proliferation is first addressed here (at Althouse). My suggested solution for the non-proliferation of cupcakes (celebrate all the birthdays of a given month on one day of that month) was apparently overlooked. I can hardly wait for the Secretary of Education to weigh in on this controversy, and hope for gavel-to-gavel news coverage of what I trust will be extensive congressional hearings ("for the children," of course).

No doubt, Hostess and other cupcake manufacturers are gearing up their lobbying efforts while I type, and devils food-tainted dollar bills are already wending their somewhat sticky way through the banking system to various congressional campaign committees.

What's next? Perhaps an international test ban agreement on rice cake launchers.

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