Thursday, January 11, 2007

Interior Desecration

We're busy remodeling the house this week, ripping a half-wall out, widening a couple of doorways, and replacing toilets with ADA-compliant ones. It should all look fine when we are finished, and not like a "desecration," except, perhaps, for the new bathroom floor tile.

Thus far, we've only found two styles "in stock" anywhere that match the color of the existing ceramic tile. Both are nice, perhaps a bit pretentious for a bathroom given that they are imitation travertine or some such thing, and I'm not sure they quite match my mom's tastes. So, it's "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work I go" in search of odd-lots at local flooring dealers. Fortunately, we only need an 8x8' square, so there is some hope of locating a few more choices for my mom's consideration when I see her tomorrow.


chuck b. said...

It seems like we began our bathroom remodel almost exactly one year ago. It was around this time at any rate, and it wasn't over until the beginning of April. Ugh. I shudder to think it. Good luck!

Internet Ronin said...

Thanks, Chuck. We'll need it. We have far less time than that, about two weeks at most, we hope.

chuck b. said...

Are you doing porcelain tile? We did porcelain tile. The number of stores selling tile really blew my fuck. blew my mind. One after another, all totally different merchandise.

It blew my fuck/mind how much concrete they mixed for the project to lay the tile. My new bathroom must weigh several times more than the last one. Did they know that when the architect drew up the plans and the city approved them? Someone [the word "competent" goes here] somewhere approved making my upstairs bathroom carry the load of floor-to-ceiling cement walls, and tile, basically in a 100-year-old house and that's no problem-o. I hope so.

wv: whompceo. I'd like to whomp a few ceo's and I don't meant that in the fun way, like romp with a few ceo's. No, they need a whompin'.