Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Slow Male

While it is true that I can be slow to post letters, it is generally not true that I am slow to reply to emails. Because one of my email addresses was phished by spammers, my inbox is clogged with spam and returned mail notices despite filters. Those filters occasionally misdeliver mail into the junk or spam folders.

So, if I haven't responded to your email recently, please send it again. I mention this because I just now discovered an important piece of misdelivered mail only because I was expecting and hunting for it. At the same time, I came across another one that I was not expecting. This reminds me that I hope Nina finally got that email. (It helps when one uses periods and not commas before words like com. I have an annoying tendency to enter the wrong character.)

(Graphic courtesy of Peter Nicholson, of The Australian newspaper)

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