Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ugly Duckling?

Almost everyone has heard the tale of the ugly duckling, but how about the four-legged one? At birth (only last Friday), Stumpy appeared to be just another typical duckling. Then, someone noticed he has four legs. Residing at Warrawee Duck Farm in the village of Copythorne in England, Stumpy has already achieved worldwide fame. Can fortune be far behind?

(Via, appropriately enough, Ducknews: Not fair. Unbalanced.)


chuck b. said...

No, I don't like this.

Deformed animals are depressing.

Internet Ronin said...

You really think so? I think they can be inspiring and a bit courageous myself. I hope he has a happy life. (IIRC, The Folsom Zoo has taken in waifs like this and provide them a decent home.)

benning said...

Yeah, it's kinda icky. Be interesting to see how it walks when its older, though.