Sunday, July 01, 2007

Free Thought!

Thought Experiments proprietor Bryan Appleyard has been unaccountably locked out of his blog for three days now, reports fellow blogger Chip Dale. According to Dale, Appleyard's appeals to Blogger Help have gone unanswered:

Blogger must learn that when they silence one of us, they silence us all. This is about personal liberties, the freedom of the press, and about the virtues of having a stable backend. With your help, I hope to make 'Thought Experiments Saved Through Individuals Campaigning Loudly Enough' the big issue of the coming week and I want T.E.S.T.I.C.L.E. to grow enormously in size. To get the ball rolling, I want 10,000 angry and determined bloggers ready to march on Whitehall on Friday where I hope stage a mass strip involving cats dressed as clowns.
(Thongs optional, apparently)


Bryan Appleyard said...

Go, Ronin.

Internet Ronin said...

Trying to, Bryan, trying. What with my link to Chip and the EU Come Together video posted above that, I'm afraid that casual readers may conclude that I am nothing more than a purveyor of porn and overlook the important work to be done.

Big Chip Dale said...

'What with my link to Chip...'

What does that mean? You're suggesting there's something dubious about my blog? You want me to lose my buttocks? Is that it?

So predictable. I suppose this is how all great movements begin. What begins as a common struggle soon turns into petty internal bickering. We have to remember that we're here for Bryan and that we won't stop until clowns are banned and his blog is back.

Internet Ronin said...

Ah, ye of little faith, Chip. No cracks in the struggle that I know of. A few crackpots perhaps, but that is to be expected. Solidarity now! Solidarity forever! Or at least until tomorrow. (I've been having my own little struggle with Blogger this afternoon, BTW, but it seems OK now.)

Sad news, Chip. I am sorry to say that we just missed out on a bit of stupendous publicity. I wrote a heart-wrenching appeal to one of Bryan's favorites, Dave Barry. He could not have failed to post something after reading it. Unfortunately, I emailed him just 2 minutes after he bid adieu to his blog readers as he departs for, of all places, England. Damn!

Big Chip Dale said...

Well, I guess we'll just have to wheel out the big guns, so to speak. I'll try to break into the This Morning studios tomorrow and shake my thang at the camera. I've a cunning plan involving an appeal to Blogger which flashes on my electronic thong. So long as I can keep wiggling fast enough, the image will appear. The plan is foolproof so long as Fern Britton doesn't spot me... She threatened to un-man me if she ever saw me again.

(If you really did write to Dave Barry, then kudos to you. I'm mightily impressed. I always consider myself one of the few people to have read his crime novel 'Big Trouble'.)

Internet Ronin said...

Good luck with the sprint on "This Morning," Chip!