Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bearing Bells

Keep re-reading until you find a joke.

(Via A Welsh View)


Michael Reynolds said...

Many years ago, me and my then girlfriend, who was quite the crunchy granola type, took a walk in Montana in bear country. The advice was the same then: make noise, carry mace.

We did. We survived.

However, just in case I had a colt .45 auto in my backpack. It would have been tough to stop a charging grizzly with seven rounds, but it would have been better than pepper spray.

Internet Ronin said...

Somewhere in the family archives. we have a slide my dad took of my mom posing at their very picturesque camping spot for the weekend in either Sequoia or King's Canyon. After they developed the film, we were invited over to view the slides. My brother, noticing a dark spot halfway up a tree on that slide, asked how they got along with the local bear. Sure enough, after zooming in, there was a black bear, seemingly right above my mom's head.