Monday, September 17, 2007

Death Watch

Celebrating the return of his blog server ("The server's girlfriend left him and he went on the most horrific bender. He was found naked and chained to a lamp post in Tooting. He's back now but I think it would be kinder to have him put down."), Bryan Appleyard marks the occasion of his blog's return to the web by acknowledging the less fortunate many who will never make it back. (If I said this was a solemn acknowledgment, I'd be lying.)

Check out the Poodwaddle World Clock #2 and you will see what I mean. Riveting. Most of the other Poodwaddle clocks are equally interesting, and equally depressing.

Bryan's blog, Thought Experiments: The Blog, is the best (yet strangely under-appreciated) work-in-progress it has been my pleasure to read. Unbeknownst to me until recently, Bryan is widely regarded as the premier print interviewer in the United Kingdom. His skill as a writer and observer is demonstrated daily, with a wit and verve matched by very few others.


Bryan Appleyard said...

You're right, I'm hopeless at solemn

Internet Ronin said...

Your server appears to have escaped once again, Bryan, as I am now receiving "Service is Unavailable" notices when I attempt to view your blog. Ats he had the courtesy to leave message this time, I'm leaning towards the idea that he chose to check into a detox center.