Sunday, September 16, 2007

Western Airlines

Looks a lot like a railway terminal, doesn't it? Ultimately purchased by Delta Airlines in 1987 after deregulation of the airline industry begun during the Carter Administration, Western Airlines operated the first regularly scheduled airline service in the United States, formed the "W" of "T-W-A" before splitting off to once again become Western Airlines. Western is probably most famous for it's long-running commercials featuring the slogan, "It's the oooooonly way to fly!" As a native Southern Californian, I grew with the slogan (never knowing the voice was that of Jim Backus) and the towering presence of Western's facilities along the main approach to LAX, now long-gone.

Only newsman Jerry Dunphy's nightly greeting during his four decades as a local anchor, "From the desert to the sea, to all of Southern California, a good evening," was more ubiquitous, which explains the name of John Stodder's excellent blog.

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