Sunday, September 30, 2007

Smart Cabrio

Am I the last person on Earth to hear that the smart fortwo by Mercedes Benz will be shipping in the United States in early 2008? Over 20,000 people have already plunked down $99 to reserve their spot in line for one. What caught my eye is that it is only 8.8 feet long. The cabrio will retail for about $17,000. [Am I also the only one growing irritated by all-too-clever uncapitalized names squished together like an internet address?]


Michael Reynolds said...

It's going to be hard picking those things out of my grille.

Internet Ronin said...

LOL! True. I think this may be the car that Consumer Reports recently said was the worst they ever reviewed.

Winston said...

Gotta be unsafe at any speed. Nader should have a field day with this and others like it -- if he still has any fight left in him.

Have you noticed that every new vehicle that comes out claiming to be electric, hybrid, super fuel efficient, etc., is butt-ugly? Is it a law that they must be?