Saturday, September 15, 2007

Delta Rocks

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Delta Airlines, we will be traveling in the relative lap of luxury when I take my mom on her "trip of a lifetime" to Great Britain next June. Despite what I'd heard about the impossibility of getting awards seats on Delta, we snagged 2 Business Elite class at the cheaper Skychoice rate without a problem. We even had a decent choice of dates. To top it off, after my mom asked me a few days later if we could make it a week longer, the Delta International Reservations desk not only graciously allowed us to make the change without making us surrender more miles, they waived the $150 in change fees.

From what I can tell, by booking through Delta, we might get a nice discount on the best available published Avis car rental rate. We will need it, because the hotels range outrageously expensive to "If we get a minivan maybe we can sleep in the car" expensive.

We are going, by the way, whether my mom is able to walk on her own or not, so our planning must keep access in mind. Although there has been painfully slow improvement, it is unlikely that she will be able to climb a flight of stairs at the end of a long day even if she is walking again by then.

(My mom has always wanted to visit Britain but my dad's health problems stopped his flying long distances before they had the opportunity to get there. About 8 years ago, we (the kids) tried to convince her to go with one of us but she would have none of it: "In 50 years, I've never taken a vacation without your father and I'm not about to start now.")

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Internet Ronin said...

Apparently, someone from Delta's HQ dropped by to read this post (and five other pages) in the wee hours of the morning today. I wonder which other pages they viewed. At any rate, I just want to thank them for looking in and encourage them to return (in the spirit of friendship and hopes that I might be able to score a freebee of some sort, of course)!