Monday, October 01, 2007

Caveat Lector

Last week, every major newspaper in Texas published a report of a study by "nonpartisan" Texans for Public Justice. It detailed the amounts of money that donors contributed to legislative and major statewide races during the 2006 election.

One implied TPJ criticism echoed by the newspaper reports: Millionaire contributors have too much influence on Texas elections.

Most of the articles singled out Houston builder Bob Perry, who favored Republican candidates.

His 2006 total: $7.1 million.

What neither the authors of the TPJ study nor any of the journalists reporting the story mentioned was the fact — easily found on the TPJ Web site — that one source of TPJ funding is the "Open Society Institute, New York, NY."

The institute — as easily determined by five minutes of Google research — was founded by billionaire George Soros, who remains its chairman.

During a 2006 interview, Soros told a New York Times writer that he gave "something like $27.5 million" to and other anti-Republican groups during the 2004 election campaign.

I mention all of that simply to say ...

It's a good thing George Soros doesn't reside in Texas. If he did, the "nonpartisans" at Texans for Public Justice would be pouncing on him like a duck on a June bug.

Don't ya think?

(Columnist Roddy Stinson in the San Antonio Express-News)

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tjl said...

Actual Texans -- as opposed to people who work for George Soros --are generally untroubled when someone flaunts their money. This applies in the political sphere as it does in all other areas.

The effects are often regrettable. But few Texans welcome condescending interventions by coastal elites, least of all Soros and his New York foundation.