Saturday, October 27, 2007


Once again, Dubai leads the way in alternative structures and sites, according to Building:
The US$350m (£173m) 28-floor Aperiron building would be 300m from the Dubai coast and accessible only by boat or helicopter.

As well as 438 luxury suites, it would contain a spa, an art gallery, and an underwater restaurant with views into a surrounding lagoon.

To top it off, the top two floors would house a temperature-controlled butterfly jungle with tropical species.

Its unique structural design has not yet garnered a nickname, but Building staff have variously named it ‘The Rollmop’, ‘The Pringle’ and ‘The Funnel’. Any better suggestions should be posted below.
Wikipedia reports that a rollmop is "a pickled herring fillet rolled (hence the name) into a cylindrical shape around a piece of pickled cucumber or an onion." Nickname suggestions at the site include The Butterfly, The Fly Trap, and The Vortex [Attention: Ann Althouse].


peter hoh said...

I'll suggest naming it "Vunerable."

Randal Rogers said...

It definitely would be that in a major storm. Wonder what the odds are that this will ever be built.

peter hoh said...

Yeah, the Dubai preference for sail-like buildings may not stand the test of time.

But this one, being so top heavy and all, would seem to be vunerable to a well-placed bomb.

Trooper York said...

I believe that this is the secret hideout of Opt-for-pussy, in which she plots her nefarious schemes to thwart the patriarchy

Randal Rogers said...

LOL! Count on you to figure that one out, Trooper. And thanks for looking in, too!

tjl said...

"nefarious schemes to thwart the patriarchy"

What more appropriate base for such plots than the Arabian peninsula, where the patriarchy most desperately needs to be thwarted?

Trooper York said...

I personally like it best when they try to twat the partiarchy. Who's youre daddy?

Randal Rogers said...

Wow! Tuesdays must be "Comment Night" on the internet! Thanks for looking in guys. I meant to have some things up today but got sidetracked.