Thursday, November 01, 2007

Asked & Answered

Noting the decreasing likelihood of eliminating the tax loophole that allows hedge funds to carry forward interest and halve their taxable income, Kevin Drum asks:
If a party of the working class isn't willing to close a ridiculous loophole that provides a certain class of high-roller billionaires with a tax rate that's half of what ordinary people have to pay, what are they here for?

Oh, I don't know. Perhaps that they are there to accumulate power for themselves and secure handouts for their friends.


Trooper York said...

Hey taxi, send me straight to the heart of it
The nucleus of politics was somebody
Somebody started it
Cause they taxed me with a scalpel piece by piece
they cut me deep and let me dry until there was nothing left to bleed

And this is how I choose to live
As if I'm jumping off a cliff
knowing that you'll save me [2x]
and after all the stupid things I did
there's nothing left that you'd forgive
because you already forgave me
yeah you already forgave me

Keep driving
leave this deceit miles behind me
so far back I'd have to wrap my mind in
just remind me
I can't try this to pick myself up
and then move on
think about the life I'll have
when this fragile one is gone.

Never forget
there's life after death and taxes
Forgiveness come
and all of the rest
is what passes away
Death and decay can't touch us now

Every breath that I inhale is followed by exhaling traps the one who never failed
I know you'll never failed me

Never forget
there's life after death and taxes
Forgiveness come (forgiveness come)
and all of the rest
it just passes away

Death and decay can't touch us now
(Relient K, Life After Death And Taxes (Failure II)"

Trooper York said...

They block out the landscape with giant signs
Covered with pretty girls and catchy lines
Put up fences and cement the ground
To dull my senses, keep the flowers down
I want 'em back
Spend my money on a race to space
Wasting my money, slapping my face
They've taken a peek over future's fence
Taken a peek at my expense
They've wasted human lives
And they've f***ed up mine
I want it back
I'm not into the material scene
Polyester, polyethylene
At least give me a chance to say what I want
The more you waste, the more you want
I want 'em back
I want 'em back
I want 'em back
Give 'em back
( D.R.I., Give My Taxes Back)

Randal Rogers said...

Good choices, Trooper. Some of Drum's readers might disagree, arguing that Reliant K are themselves a violation of separation of church and state.