Saturday, April 12, 2008

Zim-Zam Zoo

According to the Daily Telegraph,:
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) will recount all votes cast in the March 29 election next Saturday, the state media has said...

The surprise announcement came as regional leaders met in Zambia to discuss a two-week delay in releasing results of the presidential poll which has raised fears of violence in Zimbabwe...

The opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, called the recount a "de facto coup", adding: "How can they recount before the results have been announced?"...

Of the lack of a declared election result, two weeks after voting, [South Africa's President, Thabo Mbeki] said: "I wouldn't describe that as a crisis. It's a normal electoral process in Zimbabwe." His remarks infuriated delegates to the summit.

"That is just insane," said Jenny Williams, national co-ordinator of the protest group, Women of Zimbabwe Arise.
Yes, it is. Predictable,too.

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