Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hit Parade

This post has generated something like 8,000 hits, or about 67% of all traffic ever, to this infrequently updated blog. (Perhaps a dozen of those visitors clicked through to see another post.) Another 10% of all visits are due to this post (most because of Ruth Anne's comment noting the resemblance to Mater). Truth be known, I've probably generated another 20% of the traffic myself because I regularly delete all cookies from my computer, and keep forgetting to sign back into Site Meter and mark the "ignore visits from this browser" option.


chuck b. said... the only word for that picture. Or, maybe ghastly. It's amazing someone can look like that and still be alive.

amba said...

Given the condition of that poor kid at the much-visited link, "Hit Parade" becomes an ironic double entendre.

Randy said...

You are so right, amba! The thought hadn't occurred to me.