Saturday, May 10, 2008

Out Back

Part of the view from my back yard. The barn, erected in 1853, was a Pony Express stop.


jason said...

Why did I always think you lived in the city? Have I been smoking too much oxygen or did I just make some illogical assumption that has no basis in reality? Or both?

Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

Neither! The fringes of the big city are literally just over the hills in the distance. The inexorable march of suburbia has been slowed by the mortgage fiasco, but the little valley will eventually be covered with homes and a high school (you can see a bit of the new junior high school peeking out from behind the giant heritage oak in the foreground). The treed areas on the hills are all 5-acre parcels, though. Most of the land north of the road is still owned by the family whose ancestors built the barn but for how long is a good question. They still owned the whole valley until about 15 years ago. The small subdivision I live in was but a portent of things to come.