Thursday, January 04, 2007

Big Dog

Whenever I see that logo, I think of him, but I'd forgotten just how big and handsome he was:

His registered name was "L'insouciant Bandit" but we just called him Barney.

(I ran across this photo while rummaging around in my dad's desk for something late last night. It appears to have been taken at our cabin in Crestline, California, probably in 1972.)


vbspurs said...

Aww, Barney was beautiful. RIP.

We had a poodle who was born in 1972, a few years before me...he was my Big Bro.

And thanks for the blogroll add-on, Internet Ronin. :)


Internet Ronin said...

Yes, he was. All 200+ pounds ;-) He was my dog, and I was his person. When I returned home from college, at least every two months for one reason or another, my mom could tell about 5 minutes before I arrived that I was almost home. Barney told her, as she revealed when I tried to surprise her once. He died about ten months after I quit coming home because I was then a student in Hong Kong.

Thanks for dropping by, Victoria! And thanks for keeping such an interesting blog.