Monday, January 08, 2007

Post Partum

Over at Done with Mirrors, reader_iam writes why she is not publishing some posts she worked hard on, "And in the end they fell beneath the weight of the question, "Why, exactly, are you writing me?".

Was this an epiphany of sorts? A "Why bother?" moment? I was mulling the idea over, when I wandered over to Althouse earlier. Lots of things to talk about over there, but all I could think of were short answers not conducive to conversation:

How very sad.

Not very likely.


No. Maybe yes, Maybe no. No.

Should anyone?

Abolutely nothing.

None. Too late. Price of fame it seems.

Any excuse will do, because it always has and always will.

You lose.

Reality-check needed in aisle 1!

Maybe the best thing to say is to say nothing at all after all.


chuck b. said...

Too funny. I used to be a big Althouse commentor, but I rarely click into the comments anymore. When I do, I'm either drunk or really bored. Seriously...I'm supposed to spend time with those people? Blech! "Those people." I'm so judgmental! Not really judgmental. Intolerant perhaps. Heh.

It's funny (to me) how often I'm stopped from commenting because I changed by blogger password to something really, really long that I can rarely type out correctly when I'm not sober. (In fact, it's a crapshoot whether I'll be able to post this comment on your blog.)

Anyhow, I tend to agree it's better not to post too terse a comment. Unless by being terse you're also being pithy and witty.

chuck b. said...

I did it!

chuck b. said...

And I had this idea for about five minutes (or maybe longer I'm not sure because I might have been slightly high when it occurred to me) that it would be fun to start a blog called Reading the Althouse Comments High (
as a rude but good natured clearinghouse of the intellectual dishonesty and suspected sock puppetry that I percieve among a few of her commentors. I would never be rude to her commentors on her own blog, but I could be rude to them on my own blog, right? The joke is that you have to be high to take "those people" seriously. Anyhow, it was just an idea.

But anyway I like the idea of a blog commenting on comments. Very meta.