Sunday, February 11, 2007

For Vics

Here's a picture of my dad's 1929 Model A Ford roadster pick-up:

(Welcome Sundries readers!)


chuck b. said...

WOWWW!!!!!! That is sweet! I love those orange rims. I would totally whiz around in that where you live. Picnics, skinnydips, trip to the market.

chuck b. said...

More pictures of this, please.

Internet Ronin said...

When I have the time and access to either old photos or the car and the camera, I'll be happy to post some more pictures for you, Chuck.

Hard to believe that my dad bought that truck 31 years ago, the restoration job is probably 40+ years old and it still looks great.

BTW, except for the skinny-dipping part, that is exactly what my mom and dad used the truck for: picnics, going out to breakfast or lunch, picking up the Christmas tree every year, etc.

vbspurs said...

What a complete surprise!

I thought your comment on Sundries referred to the memorial rally, and though I am going to link to that, I think I'll link to this one too. :)

Thank you so much, IR!

How can people keep a car from 1929, in SUCH IMMACULATE CONDITION, that it actually outstrips my 2002 car...

You rock. :)