Thursday, October 25, 2007

Empty Offer

As now bans Ron Paul supporters from commenting on their site, Andrew Sullivan writes:
You're welcome here. The Dish believes in expanding the range of debate among conservatives, not crushing it.
Oh, really? How? By mental telepathy? Sullivan refuses to let anyone else comment on his site while he is there. Sullivan does occasionally post the odd "e-mail" he claims to have received from "a reader." The "reader" is never identified. The only "debate" allowed on the Daily Dish is that which arises when Andrew Sullivan's opinions today come face-to-face with Andrew Sullivan's opinions yesterday.


peter hoh said...

It would be interesting to see comments on Sullivan's blog, but I don't think anyone alive would have the time to read them.

Sean Kinsell said...

LOL. Virginia Postrel posted a hilarious (precisely because it was so deadpan) description of Sullivan's MO years ago. (It's the second entry from the bottom, labeled "Facts of Life.")

Randal Rogers said...

Peter: You're right. A comment section on a Sullivan blog would be a virtual zoo. Not much chance of it ever happening anyway given Sullivan's need to always be the center of attention and sole gatekeeper of information which, of course, is why I found his offer so funny.

Sean: Nice to see you! Thanks for dropping by! And thanks for the link to Virginia's post. Right on the money and the deadpan delivery was just the right touch. I wandered around there a bit while I was at it as that was before I discovered blogs (about Oct, 2002 IIRC). Reminds me that Virginia could be much more pointed in those days. BTW, I was hoping to go to Japan this month and had given some thought to writing you about meeting for a cup of coffee. Health issues got in the way so maybe next Spring.

Sean Kinsell said...

I'd like that, big guy. Let me know; Tokyo's much kinder in the spring than in the autumn, anyway.

Interesting what you say about Virginia's edge, actually. I think some of it has to do with her shift in research interests to aesthetics and innovation. She doesn't cover much pure politics anymore. Not to say I blame her. I'm sick of the 2008 election, and I'm on the opposite side of the Pacific.

Hope you're feeling better.