Saturday, November 03, 2007

Meeting Althouse

Had a marvelous time this evening meeting Ann Althouse and a few other regular readers of Althouse. The Ritz-Carlton Lobby Lounge was a great venue - intimate enough that we need not shout at each other to be heard, yet large enough to accomodate our group without inconveniencing others. Thanks, Ann, for organizing the get-together, and thanks to everyone who came and shared in the wide-ranging conversation. Hope we have a chance to do this again soon. Ann is as delightful in person as she is one the blog. Exactly like her podcasts, I think. Really enjoyed learning about the other readers, their experiences and interests, as well.

[UPDATE:] While I doubt any of them would mind if I did, I decided not to mention any names of the others there last night because we did not discuss that possibility and it seems to me that everyone has a right to expect a certain amount of privacy.

[UPDATE II:] If you'd like to know what we talked about, scroll down to about the fifteenth comment on this post on Althouse.

(Welcome Althouse readers!)


peter hoh said...

Glad you got to do this. Maybe someday I'll get to a meetup, too.

amba said...

I'm jealous in both directions!

Randal Rogers said...

It was great fun, Peter. I bet you will get to do the same some day as you and Ann are really in the same neck of the woods and the odds good that one or the other will be going through here or there.

Amba: We're even then. Now you know how the rest of felt reading that you and Ruth Anne had met. Then again, you and Michael are almost neighbors, aren't you? (I see he's gone Hollywood on us.)